Derek Farnsworth

Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics

Dr. Farnsworth is an assistant professor in the Food and Resource Economics Department at the University of Florida. His primary research interests include production economics, labor economics, agribusiness marketing, agricultural policy, international trade, and pest management. He has conducted research concerning labor market integration, invasive species, and international food safety regulations. Derek received his Ph.D. in Agricultural and Resource Economics in 2014 from the University of California, Davis.



Dr. Farnsworth teaches classes in the area of agribusiness management. His current classes include International Agribusiness Marketing, Introduction to Agricultural Finance, and Agribusiness Financial Management. His teaching program supports his research and Extension programs by using these classes to engage students in research and Extension activities specifically related to finance and marketing.


Dr. Farnsworth's research program focuses on the areas of production economics, labor economics, agricultural policy, pest management, and trade. In particular, he has developed research on the topics of citrus greening, guest worker programs (H-2A), and best management practices (BMPs) since beginning his employment at the University of Florida.


Dr. Farnsworth provides leadership and coordination for statewide Extension educational efforts in the area of agribusiness economics. The focus of his Extension program is on business education for Florida firms involved in food and agricultural products distribution, processing, and marketing. The Extension program has a strong demonstration and adaptive research component that complements his responsibilities in the undergraduate program. Specific program areas include agricultural labor management and agribusiness marketing opportunities. 

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Derek Farnsworth, Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics