Conner Mullally

Assistant Professor 

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Classes Taught

Selected publications

  • Mullally, C. and A. Maffioli. 2016. “Extension and Matching Grants for Improved Management: An Evaluation of the Uruguayan Livestock Program.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 98(1): 333-350.
  • Norton, M., D. Osgood, M. Madajewicz, E. Holthaus, N. Peterson, R. Diro, C. Mullally, T. Teh, and M. Gebremichael. 2014. “Evidence of Demand for Index Insurance: Experimental Games and Commercial Transactions in Ethiopia.” The Journal of Development Studies, 60(5), 630-648.
  • Mullally, C., S. Boucher and M. Carter. 2013. “Encouraging Development: Randomized Encouragement Designs in Agriculture.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 95(5), 1352-1358.

Working papers

  • Mullally, C. and J. Lusk. “The Impact of Restrictions on Farm Animal Housing on Egg Prices, Consumer Welfare, and Production in California.”
  • Hossain, M., G. Onel, and C. Mullally. “International migration, female headship, and investment: Evidence from rural Bangladesh.”
  • Mullally, C. and S. Chakravarty. “Matching Grants for Smallholder Pump Irrigation: Money Well Spent?”

Current projects

  • Designing and Evaluating Innovations for Development of Smallholder Female Livestock Cooperatives in Nepal (sponsored by USAID)
  • Increasing Demand for Weather-Based Index Insurance in Kenya by Lowering Basis Risk and Improving Farmer Understanding through Experiential Learning (sponsored by 3ie)
  • The Impacts of Farmer Field Schools and Livestock Transfers in Guatemala (sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank)
  • Evaluating the Impacts of Improved Access to Electricity in Suriname (sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank)