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    Food and Resource Economics Department

    Food and Resource Economics Department

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Contact Information by Area:

Area Name/Title/Location Contact
Academic Probation, Readmission Misti Sharp
Undergraduate Coordinator
1189 MCCA
Change of Major, General Advising, Admissions, Department Petitions, Minors, Holds, etc. Danielle Shu
Academic Advisor 3
1170 MCCA

  • Advising Availability

    FRED undergraduate offices are located at the 1st floor of McCarty, 1170 A

    UF FRE Advising Suite (Undergraduate and Graduate) is located on the 1st floor of McCarty Hall A, Room 1170

    Undergraduate Academic Advisor

    Danielle Shu

    Danielle Shu

    ProfileEmail | 352-294-7640
    Use Microsoft Bookings to Create an Advising Appointment with Danielle!

    For additional availability, please email

    Walk-in Advising: During Peak Advanced Registration Periods - Email for Info
    General Advising | Next Semester Plans | Course Placement | Course Substitutions | Info on FRE Minors

    Appointment Only Advising (please schedule via Microsoft Bookings - Link above):

    Change of Major | Academic Plans | Petitions | Dual Degrees/Double Majors

    *Times are subject to change due to the advisor’s availability. The advisor will have their door closed if they are unavailable. Availability (busy v. not busy) is also posted on the advisor's Outlook Calendar


    Senior Lecturer, Undergraduate Coordinator

    Misti Sharp

    Dr. Misti Sharp

    Profile | Email | 352-294-7632
    Probation Contracts | Student Appeals | Readmission Applicants


    Degree Checklist: Food and Agribusiness Marketing and Management

    Degree Checklist: International Food and Resource Economics

    Transfer Student Guide



  • Advising - Frequently Asked Questions


    1. What are the office hours for advising?

    Office Advising Hours under schedule an appointment) or via appointment

    2. Should I contact my advisor if I would like to dispute a grade?

    Incompletes, Disputing a Grade, or No Grades – Contact Instructor

    3. Registration – Can students register themselves? 

    Students can register on their own on ONE.UF

    4. What about departmentally Controlled Courses?

    Email Danielle Shu (examples include AEB4325, AEB4931 (both sections), AEB4941)

    5. Pre-requisite Overrides?

    Email Danielle Shu

    6. How to request that the department accept a course as an FRE Elective (or an exception to a department policy)?

    Department Petition

    7. Is Internship Credit required?

    Not required, but highly encouraged. See: Internships

  • Undergraduate Forms

    Department Forms

    Forms that are within the Department

    Department Petition – Formal petition to request a particular action relating to their academics in FRE. Examples include approving an FRE Elective not on the approved list, Critical Tracking or AEB GPA, Minor course substitution

    FAM ChecklistIFR Checklist: Food and Resource Economics Academic Checklist and Plan:-   Form used in Academic Advising to map out remaining requirements in the degree. It is best to complete this with your academic advisor for the most accurate information.

    AEB4941 Internship Application – Students may opt to take an internship course alongside of their internship. Must be signed and turned into Academic Advising before the respective deadline. See the Internship page for more information

    Forms Signed by FRE Advising: UFIC Documents (OPT and CPT recommendations), Study Abroad Forms, Combination Degree Forms, CALS Documents (College Petition and Change of Majors), VA Authorizations

    College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Forms


    University Petition (Registrar) - Interviewing Officer Statement -  Needed as part of the official University Petition process within the Office of the University Registrar. The Interviewing Officer Statement is completed by Dr. Wysocki in the CALS Dean’s Office

    Summer Enrollment Waiver (Registrar) -  Students completing a Summer Enrollment Waiver must meet with Dr. Wysocki. Documentation and Personal Statement must be completed prior to appointment

    Change of Major – Completed as part of the change of major process. Complete with your academic advisor. Turn in to 2020 McCarty Hall D for processing

    Minor Application (Registrar) – Application to Add or Cancel a minor. Signatures needed for CALS is handled by the CALS Dean’s office located in 2020 McCarty Hall D. Finished minor applications should be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar

    University Level Forms

    Please visit the corresponding office website for the most up to date version of the form and more information

    Student Financial Aid and Scholarships

    Office of the University Registrar

    Office of the University Registrar PETITIONS

    Dean of Students Office Medical Withdraw Petition

    Need help with a form? Contact Advising

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