Economic Impact Analysis Program

The Economic Impact Analysis Program in the Food and Resource Economics Department at the University of Florida has provided expertise in the areas of regional economic modeling, economic impact analysis, and economic contribution studies to clientele for over 25 years.  Faculty and staff members with expertise in regional, marine, and natural resource economics provide technical assistance to industry groups, academic units, government agencies, and local communities.  The program also conducts sponsored research projects involving detailed analyses of particular industries, regions, or situations.


To be a trusted and respected resource for economic modeling and analyses for clients in academia, industry, and government.

Our goal is to apply academically rigorous methodologies in our work and to effectively communicate results in a manner that is accessible to a wide variety of audiences.

Our Services

Our Work

  • Academia
    • economic impact analyses for purposes of research proposal development or program assessment
  • Industry
    • a wide variety of projects ranging from economic impact analyses and economic contribution studies to feasibility studies for local development projects
  • Government
    • analyses and projects for local, state, and federal government sponsors to provide timely and valuable resources to the public sector for informed decision making

Publications and Reports

View a complete list of the most recent publications and reports produced by the Economic Impact Analysis Program.