Natural Resource Management, Environmental Economics, and Policy

The range of topics addressed by faculty members and students include valuation of environmental damage, ecosystem service management and value, costs and benefits of environmental policies, and behavioral aspects of natural resource use. We examine terrestrial and marine resource management, water quality and quantity management, the effectiveness of environmental policies in changing human behaviors and achieving environmental outcomes.

Michael T. Olexa, professor
with the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS), has developed a quick summary of Florida water regulations, see Handbook of Florida Water Regulation,

Selected Recent Publications:

“E.A. van Dijl, K.A. Grogan, and T. Borisova. 2015. Determinants of adoption of drought adaptations among vegetable growers in Florida. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 2015 70(4):218-231;doi:10.2489/jswc.70.4.218

Grogan, K.A. and M. Mosquera. 2015. The Effects and Value of a Resistant Perennial Variety: An Application to Pudricion del Cogollo Disease. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 971(1): 260-281.

Alvarez, S., S.L. Larkin, T. Haab, and J.C. Whitehead. 2014. A Revealed Preference Approach to Valuing Non-market Recreational Fishing Losses from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Journal of Environmental Management, 145(1): 199-209.

Boyer, C.N., D.C. Adams, and T. Borisova. 2014. Drivers of Price and Nonprice Water Conservation by Urban and Rural Water Utilities: An Application of Predictive Models to Four Southern States. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 46(1): 41-56.

Grogan, K.A. 2014. When Ignorance Is Not Bliss: Pest Control Decisions Involving Beneficial Insects. Ecological Economics, 107(C): 104-113.

Bi, X., and M. Khanna. 2012. Re-assessment of the impact of EPA’s voluntary 33/50 program on toxic releases. Land Economics 88:341-361.

To learn more about active research projects, check the web-pages of the individual faculty members:

Adams, Damian (economic value of ecosystem goods and services)
Bi, Xiang (environmental and resource economics, consumer economics and marketing)
Borisova, Tatiana (water economics and policy, sustainable agriculture)
Grogan, Kelly (environmental and natural resource economics, sustainable agriculture)
Larkin, Sherry (marine resource management, economic value of ecosystem services)