Agricultural Policy and International Trade

FRED researchers examine issues related to agricultural, rural, resource, environmental, food, state, national, and international policies, regulations, and issues that influence trade and development. These projects enable a better understanding of U.S. and international trade and policy issues impacting the competitiveness of Florida agriculture and all specialty crops and livestock nationwide.

University of Florida food and resource economist John Van Sickle says "Higher productivity and competitive cost structures allow greenhouse vegetables to enter the U.S. and compete with field-grown tomatoes. It is critical that Florida growers develop new technologies to compete with the quality and cost of greenhouse-grown tomatoes.”

From: UF EDIS Publication #HS918

Selected Recent Publications:

Grogan, K.A. and M. Mosquera. 2015. The Effects and Value of a Resistant Perennial Variety: An Application to Pudricion del Cogollo Disease.American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 971(1): 260-281.

Knutson, R.D., M.A. Palma, M. Paggi, J. Seale, L.A. Ribera, and D. Bessler. 2014. Role of Trade in Satisfying U.S. Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Demand. Journal of International Food and Agribusiness Marketing, 26(4): 326-343.

Schmitz, A., Moss, C.B., Schmitz, T. G., Furtan, H. W., and Schmitz, H. C. 2010. Agricultural Policy, Agribusiness and Rent-Seeking Behaviour. University of Toronto Press.

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Clouser, Rod (agricultural policy, regional economic development,)
Burkhardt, R. Jeffrey (ethics of global food safety & security)
Kropp, Jaclyn (agribusiness, finance, agricultural policy)
Moss, Charles (agricultural production, policy, and risk analysis)
Olexa, Michael (agricultural law)
Schmitz, Andrew (agricultural policy)
Seale, James (agricultural policy)
VanSickle, John (international trade, agricultural policy, agribusiness)